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The life offline

This is not really a post, but more of sharing a link. At some point this summer I came across a blog of Aaron Swartz, who seems to be a really interesting character.  One of the things that caught my eye was his story of spending this past June offline.  He simply got tired and… Read More »

Speaking of CommFree

The idea of CommFree has recently come up in our weekly discussions with Berkterns.  By a nice coincidence, XKCD published the following comic, which I wanted to share: Enjoy 🙂

Secular Sabbath

Thank you Sol for sharing this!  I am excited… As you may know I am trying to practice a CommFree day and am inviting others to join me.  Apparently there are more and more people thinking like me.  Here is an article from NY Times discussing the phenomenon.  They call it “secular Sabbath” (another option… Read More »

Comfree confession

It’s been a while since i posted updates on the Commfree or CommTechFree days. In fact, i was rather good in observing those. Luckily, it worked out in such a fashion that i could just go away and spend the time hiking or seeing friends. For example, just last month i spent the CommFree day… Read More »

CommFree – it didn’t hurt, really

Just a quick feedback on my last Comfree Day, which passed by with tremendous speed. It was both fun and a rather productive day. I did quite a bit of reading, cooked, went to my first ever live hockey game, and to a post-Halloween party. I had to use a phone a couple of times… Read More »

ComFree update

It’s been a few month since i first wrote about the comfree idea, but since then i haven’t heard much from of the people who commented on it and, frankly, didn’t do a very good job in communicating about it. In fact, I did not manage to maintain the routine of first Saturday every month… Read More »

Commfree day

Update – July 11 I created a page dedicated to CommFree discussion, so it would always stay at the front page of the blog. You can find the link in the right upper corner, under the link to “about” page. Feel free to engage in conversation over there. ————- OK, this is an idea I’ve… Read More »