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Credibility of a blog

If this is not your first time reading my posts, you know that a while ago I started posting digests of interesting things i spot while reading (primarily) blogs and some other resources.  Given my interest in telecom policy with a particular focus on developing countries, it is not surprising that one of the blogs… Read More »

Eyes on Africa

Some time ago I shared my thoughts about Africa’s potential as the next Asia in terms of socioeconomic development, particularly when it comes to the MICT related issues.  Recently I have encountered a couple of observations that support this intuition. First, it seems that mobile equipment manufacturers and service providers discover more interest in the… Read More »

A thought a day

Thinking about development, Asia is recognized as a region that enjoyed a real boost in the recent couple of decades.  The more I read about Africa, I start thinking whether or not it is going to be the Asia of the next few decades.  Here is an interesting post from John Daly, with some of… Read More »