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Visualizing the inauguration

In the spirit of recent days, AKA obsession with the inauguration, I thought to share a couple of visualizations of Obama’s speech. The first one is using the IBM’s “Many Eyes“: The other one is from NY Times: I am not sure what exactly stands behind each one of the visualizations, because the results are… Read More »


Just a day before the inauguration, the Obama team has published a video about their Technology, Innovation and Government Reform (TIGR) group.  As its name suggest, that is the group that will supposedly lead technological innovation in the Federal Government.  My understanding is that they are the people running and they were behind their… Read More »

The “digital divide” is on the map (again)

In his recent weekly address, Obama revealed parts of his economic recovery plan.  Interestingly, one of the main points he chose to reveal was actually about the “digital divide” even though he is not using the term.  Here is his address: [HTML1] In case you skipped the video, here are the MICT related highlights: Third,… Read More »

I feel inspired

Slowly by slowly I start realizing that last night, watching the US election results coming in and then listening to the speeches I witnessed history in making.  Whether or not you agree with political view of Barak Obama, last night was a really good example of how democracy can work.  Until you live here for… Read More »

Register to vote!

Lack of interest in politics among the young voters seems to become a serious problem of our times. In November, the US voters are going to elect their president who is going to guide still the most powerful player in the global arena. Even though I am not voting in this country, I do share… Read More »

Al Gore’s media event

Yesterday was my first time at a typical media event in the US.  Thanks to Joanne, I went to Al Gore’s announcement of a national challenge on climate and energy.  The event was very popular and it was a rather interesting experience. On the one hand it was well organized in terms of communication leading… Read More »

CNN 1.0

I watched some morning news on CNN today.  One of the main items was the reaction of Obama’s supporters to his vote for an amendment to FISA (official site). For those who do not follow, a few days ago the senate voted for granting immunity to the telecommunication companies for participating in wiretapping program of… Read More »