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Google is a media company

I was listening to a recent conversation between Siva Vaidhyanathan, the author of “Googalization of Everything” and Matt Brittin, the newly appointed CEO of Google UK. While I found the overall conversation interesting, one particular phrase caught my attention.  When he was defending Google against allegation of being parasitic (i.e. they do not produce content,… Read More »

… and even harder…

Now it looks like Gmail is getting folders (via VentureBeat).   They call them “multiple inboxes”, but, unless i am missing something, it is just a smarter way of working with folders – you can view a number of them open at the same time.  I was missing some combination of folders and labels in Gmail,… Read More »

Now it’s even harder…

Veronica just shared with me the news about Google introducing an option for offline Gmail.  Now it is even harder to resist Google.  I wonder if google. calendar is also going to be avaialble in an offline version any time soon?

At least I am not alone…

Just to follow up quickly on a little confession about Google I posted a couple of days ago.  Apparently I am not alone.  David Carr of NY times put it in much better words than I did in my post, yet the idea is stunningly the same: “If Google owns me, it’s probably because I… Read More »

Can’t… resist… Google… can’t… resist…

I think I’ve been somewhat hypocritical about Google.  On the one hand, since I started blogging, I voiced occasional criticism of Google, concern about it collecting all this information about us, and the fact that its search algorithm is turning into a lens through which we comprehend reality.  On the other hand, I am using… Read More »

Google’s roots

Recently Google published its quarterly reports, showing 26% growth in profit, which is particularly impressive in light of the escalating economic crisis (more here).  The primary reason for such growth is attributed to strengthening of Google’s brand among advertisers and its growing (advertising) market share.  For example, AdSense alone generated revenue of US $1.68 billion. … Read More »

How do you say “Google” in Chinese?

There is a really vibrant discussion going on nowdays about the potential colaboration between Google and Yahoo.  Some claim that the venture can end up with Google gaining control of 90% of the advertising market in North America.  To a large degree Google’s leading position in online advertizing market is based on its leadership in… Read More »

To shift or not to shift?

It seems to me that there is a growing trend of shifting everything online. By “everything” here I mean our personal computing. Why would you spend scarce gigabytes on your hard drive if you can keep all your email on gmail, all your documents in google docs, all your pictures in picasa, etc.? Having stuff… Read More »

Breaking down Google

Well, not really.  Just breaking down Google’s traffic.  Here is an interesting post from HitWise analyzing the breakdown of activity, originating in the US, at different Google’s services.  It is pretty amazing how the use of Google’s services is constantly growing…