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Hacked and relaunched

ThinkMacro got hacked. On the face of it, you wouldn’t see anything. But in Google search results the site appeared with weird meta-data that promoted some sort of medicine and if you were to access the site on a mobile device, you would get redirected to a variety of adult entertainment sites.

As it turns out, whoever hacked the site has edited .htaccess, so that it would perform the redirect only on mobile devices. Veronica and I removed the infected files, which did resolve the redirect issue. But we couldn’t figure out how to clean the meta data infection. So, at the end, there is now a relaunched ThinkMacro. Luckily, WordPress is really great with making export/import of your content easy.

Fresh start actually feels rather nice.

When I have the time…

I love building things, but I do not have enough time to do that and quite frankly I do not have the best conditions to do that at the moment.  So, in the meantime (and as a form of procrastination) I’ve been collecting projects that it could be fun to build once I have the time.  Most of them came from the MAKE magazine’s blog, which is a worthwhile space if you are interested in this kind of projects (but it is quite overwhelming in terms of volumes).

So, here are the DIY projects that I liked.  It is sort of repository for myself and also for anybody who has an interest.  Please feel free to suggest more ideas.

and a larger and rather different variation

I will stop here for now… more may follow later :)