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When I have the time…

I love building things, but I do not have enough time to do that and quite frankly I do not have the best conditions to do that at the moment.  So, in the meantime (and as a form of procrastination) I’ve been collecting projects that it could be fun to build once I have the… Read More »

MillionS thanks!

Well, this is kind of totally off the topic. Have you ever seen Hoops and Yoyo e-cards? If not, you may want to do that, because they are in most part hilarious. I have a few favorites such as “We want coffee” and “You are so cute“, but i got really curios about this one.… Read More »

The best of YouTube and South Park combined!

This is totally random, but ridiculously funny! Whether you like South Park, YouTubeian phenomena, or both, this one combines them in a rather creative manner (it was a matter of time until someone would do it with this episode :). It definitely made me smile and i hope it will have the same effect on… Read More »

The cat ate my homework!

This one is just for fun. Apparently, “my cat ate my homework” can be a valid excuse these days: Thanks to my sister for pointing that one out. Happy May 1st everyone! 🙂

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First Life

One more thing.  Today I listened to a presentation by John Lester who spent about an hour and half evangelizing about Second Life.  So Leah showed me this website, “Get a First Life,” which I think is hilarious!

Very impressive!

In fact it is so impressive that i have to reproduce Tarleton’s post and urge you, if you are reading this blog, to check out this video and try the demo. This is a tool named Photosynth that uses image database, such as Flickr, to create a visul space. In other words, it uses large… Read More »


Apparently my previous post made it to “Washington Post”.  They have a feed that probably tracks mentions of their articles in blogosphere and it got it.  Frankly, it is even a bit embarrassing that from all the posts that one is getting linked.

Lonely CNN

Gladly i am in a good company with the amusement by the fact that Paris Hilton’s return to jail took so much air time and media attention. (i couldn’t figure out why WordPress wouldn’t let me embed the video…hmm)