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Is it the time to lobby?

It’s been quiet on this blog for a while, so I decided to share an observation based on some conversations I recently had at one of the Internet governance meetings.  The conversations were about ICT companies and the point was that while Western companies are extremely enthusiastic about emerging markets, they do not consider their… Read More »

On the importance of being there

With all the beauty of the Internet and the fact that it helps us dealing with distance and phisical presence, there is something really valuable about “being there.”  The Berkman Center places tons of material online and theoretically, nothing stops me from spending hours on their website listening to the talks and reading the reports. … Read More »

Watching Queen Rania’s videos

As I wrote before, I find Queen Rania’s YouTube project very interesting and apparently thought and conversation promoting.  Also, as I wrote before, I do have a comment at least about one item published under her project (have not watched them all yet :). It is a video about the stereotypes Middle Easterners encounter in… Read More »

Eyes on Africa

Some time ago I shared my thoughts about Africa’s potential as the next Asia in terms of socioeconomic development, particularly when it comes to the MICT related issues.  Recently I have encountered a couple of observations that support this intuition. First, it seems that mobile equipment manufacturers and service providers discover more interest in the… Read More »

Making the “new” media “old”

I have blogged before about the internet censorship law in Israel and it seems to become a rather worrisome trend.  Here is a story about prospective Russian limitations on Internet in their country (thanks to “Information Policy” for the initial link).  Every society seems to do it of their own interests, but the result is… Read More »

Al Gore’s media event

Yesterday was my first time at a typical media event in the US.  Thanks to Joanne, I went to Al Gore’s announcement of a national challenge on climate and energy.  The event was very popular and it was a rather interesting experience. On the one hand it was well organized in terms of communication leading… Read More »

CNN 1.0

I watched some morning news on CNN today.  One of the main items was the reaction of Obama’s supporters to his vote for an amendment to FISA (official site). For those who do not follow, a few days ago the senate voted for granting immunity to the telecommunication companies for participating in wiretapping program of… Read More »