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Digital divide and civic engagement

With the dissertation defended I plan on bringing this blog back to life. I started a post-doc position with the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative (CeRI), based in Cornell Law School. The project runs a very interesting operation called Regulation Room. It offers a platform and, even more importantly, a process for online public participation in the… Read More »

Intel is doing it smart

At the last WTPF meeting I learned about the Magellan laptop project of the Portuguese government.  Every participant was provided with such a laptop for the duration of the forum, at the end of which the laptops were supposed to be donated “to children in a developing country.”  I am not sure where exactly they… Read More »

CFP: Digital Divide mini-track at HICSS

Reposting a call for papers I first saw on eKarine. Hope some of you will find it relevant/useful: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-43) January 5-8, 2010 Kauai Digital Divide/s and Inclusion/s Mini-track The mini-track calls for papers that study digital divide/s, inequalities and inclusions in different levels, methods and perspectives. Possible focus may… Read More »

The “digital divide” is on the map (again)

In his recent weekly address, Obama revealed parts of his economic recovery plan.  Interestingly, one of the main points he chose to reveal was actually about the “digital divide” even though he is not using the term.  Here is his address: [HTML1] In case you skipped the video, here are the MICT related highlights: Third,… Read More »

Digital inequalities and politics 101

I gave a guest lecture today in an intro Comm class I am TAing this semester for Bruce Lewenstein.  For about a week and a half we have been discussing communication and politics in light of the upcoming US presidential election.   As a result, the 50 minutes class I led, focused on digital inequalities and… Read More »

Some ICT4D numbers

Following John Daly’s lead, I read an interesting article in “Issues in Science and Technology” discussing the link between information technology and socioeconomic development. The article by Renee Kuriyan, Isha Ray, and Daniel Kammen from Berkley explores the viability of business-government partnerships for development.  On the one hand, they ask what degree it is possible… Read More »