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Our modern Babel?

I wonder what do people think about the potential repercussions of the introduction of IDNs, particularly in terms of fragmentation of the Internet.  In this post I provide some background about the languages on the web, some of my thoughts, and finally questions for which I would love to hear your thoughts. After many years… Read More »

An amazing talk by Benjamin Zander

Apparently, the secrete to enjoying classical music (and not only) is thinking macro 🙂 I think this is an amazing and very energetic talk by Benjamin Zander about classical music and his way of thinking.  It is totally worth the 21 minutes. [HTML1] I think he completely deserved the standing avation.

The best of YouTube and South Park combined!

This is totally random, but ridiculously funny! Whether you like South Park, YouTubeian phenomena, or both, this one combines them in a rather creative manner (it was a matter of time until someone would do it with this episode :). It definitely made me smile and i hope it will have the same effect on… Read More »

Constructing ‘digital divide’ in Russian

From an explanation about ‘digital divide‘ in Russian Wikipedia: Термин появился как обозначение раскола в семье, когда муж слишком много времени проводил за компьютером в ущерб всему остальному, и жена не могла с этим смириться. My unprofessional translation: The concept emerged to convey a split in a family, when the husband would spend too much… Read More »