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A very dark day for Israel

Last night I had a conversation with a friend about some issues I have with organized religion. And here, today it is striking again and the victim of the day is the State of Israel.About half a year ago I blogged about the pending law for internet censorship in Israel and about emails I sent… Read More »

There are numbers now

A while ago I blogged about my observations about the centrality or religion in US politics. Now, thanks to John Daly’s blog, I got to see this report actually showing that US is very different compared to other wealthy countries in terms of religiosity: The Global Attitudes study correlated views on religion with annual per… Read More »

Giuliani’s “sin”

NY Times published an article today about the criticism of Catholic church on Giuliani’s stand towards abortion. His” sin” is that while personally opposing abortion, he does not believe in forcing his personal view on the entire nation. During the New Hampshire debate he said: “My view on abortion is that it’s wrong, but that… Read More »

Civil activism

Recently i blogged about the pending law for internet censorship in Israel. Gladly, I am not alone arguing against it. There is a lot of buzz in the blogosphere against this law proposal. You can the see many banners (like those i am using here) and numerous blog posts calling to reject it. I personally… Read More »

The Big Brother syndrome

Here are some trivia questions: – What country has the world’s highest percentage of engineers? – What country has the highest number of medical doctors per capita in the world? – What country has high technology and technology-rich products accounting for some 70% of its exports? – What country invests 2.2% of its gross domestic… Read More »