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Mobiles – luxury or basic good?

Just a few days ago I posted a few links to interesting numbers about the growth of the mobile phone industry.  According to the ITU, we are expected to finish the 2008 with 4 billion mobile cellular subscribers, which supposedly represents over 60% of the world population and indicates growth rates of 25% annually for… Read More »

Eyes on Africa

Some time ago I shared my thoughts about Africa’s potential as the next Asia in terms of socioeconomic development, particularly when it comes to the MICT related issues.  Recently I have encountered a couple of observations that support this intuition. First, it seems that mobile equipment manufacturers and service providers discover more interest in the… Read More »

Going mobile…

The “Pew Internet and American Life” project just published an interesting report about the use of mobile access to data and information. According to this report over 40% of the adult Americans have used mobile Internet access and almost 60% used non-voice services on their mobiles. They show some interesting trends in people’s readiness to… Read More »