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Citing Wikipedia

The Rutgers Library has released a video trying to discourage students from using Wikipedia in their work (via Digital Inspiration). [HTML1] I think their bottom line is correct – there is a great wealth of resources for college students and they should explore those.  I also hope the fact that they based the entire video… Read More »

“Deletionists” vs. “Inclusionists”

I followed Eszter’s post about a rather heated debate on Wikipedia on whether or not “Joe The Plumber” deserves an entry in the online encyclopedia.  It led me to a page with a long list of opinions ranging from “speedy delete” to “speedy keep”.  I, however, found the heading of this page particularly interesting: What… Read More »

WikiCandiate update

I wrote before about the WikiCandidate project.  This is just a little update about us getting some media coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Cornell Daily Sun, and p2pnet (which I have never heard of before). The homepage now states that we had over 31K views of it by now (yesterday it was 1K… Read More »


Well, sometimes it is really nice being right 🙂 Erik shared with me the following news item about Britannica launching a wiki-based version of their website. I actually blogged about very similar idea about a year and a half ago. Now we will have to wait and see whether or not they will do it… Read More »

WikiCandidate reloaded

Thanks to the dedication of our developers, we finally launched an updated version of WikiCandidate website. That’s exciting! I wrote about this project earlier, so i will not repeat much here. With the update, the basic priniciples remain the same, practically everything on the website is editable. What different now is a slicker look and… Read More »

WikiCandidate 08

Finally, after quite a long period of development, we are launching today the WikiCandidate website. It is part of Josh’s and my experiment that we are conducting together with Tarleton. The website tries simulating campaign website of the presidential candidates racing in the current US election (so I hope that the timing, a day before… Read More »

Living with Wikipedia

Thanks to Eszter for posting a link to this article. The article is about schools officials’ antagonism towards Wikipedia. According to it, the teachers are so dissatisfied with students using Wikipedia, that they simply forbid it, or more so, block it on school computers. They argue against inaccuracies in the online encyclopedia and against students’… Read More »

A proof that wikiality exists!

Wikiality exists! Apparently Stephen Cobert was right and Wikipedia does construct reality! Take a look at this quote from today’s Washington Post:   “Authorities said Thursday they are trying to determine who altered the entry on the collaborative reference site [Wikipedia] 14 hours before authorities discovered the bodies of the couple and their son.” Click… Read More »