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WikiCandiate update

I wrote before about the WikiCandidate project.  This is just a little update about us getting some media coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Cornell Daily Sun, and p2pnet (which I have never heard of before). The homepage now states that we had over 31K views of it by now (yesterday it was 1K… Read More »

WikiCandidate reloaded

Thanks to the dedication of our developers, we finally launched an updated version of WikiCandidate website. That’s exciting! I wrote about this project earlier, so i will not repeat much here. With the update, the basic priniciples remain the same, practically everything on the website is editable. What different now is a slicker look and… Read More »

WikiCandidate 08

Finally, after quite a long period of development, we are launching today the WikiCandidate website. It is part of Josh’s and my experiment that we are conducting together with Tarleton. The website tries simulating campaign website of the presidential candidates racing in the current US election (so I hope that the timing, a day before… Read More »