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My slides on the digital divide and online civic engagement (#ica14, attn @kegill)

Following a prompt from @kegill, here my materials from a recent talk at ICA pre-conference on digital divide. Digital divide in context: A case study in complex policymaking through online civic engagement Dmitry Epstein, Mary J. Newhart, Cynthia R. Farina, and Cheryl L. Blake CeRI Cornell eRulemaking Initiative When examining the digital divide through the lens of online civic… Read More »

Help with Veronica’s study

Veronica is recruiting participants for a study. For now she is recruiting at Syracuse University only, but soon she will also start recruiting at Cornell as well. So, if you are in one of those institutions and meet her criteria, feel free to drop her a line! Here is her announcement: Are you? A Syracuse… Read More »