Reading blogs #2

By | October 17, 2008

Here is the second digest of “stuff” from around the internet…  Enjoy!

Commercial Air Traffic Seen Around the World” – a really cool visualization of 24 hours in the life of global commercial air traffic.  In general, the blog it is coming from is really interesting.  Speaking of visualization of data, here is an interesting post at Scholarly Kitchen about a new tool for social data visualization created by people behind teamed up with IBM.  And here is just a fun post about visualization of the length of rivers and height of mountains in the 19th century.

Top 5 social lending sites that knock out the bank middle man” – I am hearing about this idea for quite some time now, but have not formed a clear opinion about it…  anyhow, the name of the first website mentioned in that post is rather funny and does not have the best connotations in this context for any Russian speaker.

Has technology deepened the financial crisis” – I don’t think i agree with the entire idea, but i did start wondering a little while ago about the role of media, information, and communication technologies in the current financial crisis.

More on the crisis and MICT.  “Latin America – the financial crisis and its impact on the telecom market” – a short analysis of repercussions of the financial crisis on the developing economies; the telecom part of it is not as well developed however.  An here is another take on the crisis, or more so a way to fix it – “Jeff Jarvis uses Google models to fix the world economy” – but that one, i think, requires a more careful read on my side.  Here is another article about the financial crisis reaching the IT industries in developing countries – “World economy crisis hit Kenya’s IT sector“.

More on the mobile phones around the world – “Nigeria assumes telecoms giant status in Africa & Middle East” – it has some interesting numbers. “Emerging Markets Mobile Penetration to Rrise from 46% in 2008 to 95% by 2013” – a summary of “Tariff Consultancy” report on predicted mobile penetration (I wonder why ITU do not provide links to the originals/sources of the data… it would be nice if they did).  Another one to the pile: “Argentina records 44.4 million mobile lines by August-end“, and another one: “Romania wins the mobile penetration growth race in EU in 2007“, and another one for Brazil, South Africa, Spain.

On the other hand, there are some less optimistic news as well: “Lower Handset Sales in South Korea” and “Pakistan Cuts Off Over 10 Million Mobile Phone Accounts“.  As well as – “Nokia sees sales and profits slump in Q3” – and – “Turkey – Annual Growth at Lowest Ever Level“.

And here is another interesting article about mobile phones and their innovative uses linked to socioeconomic development – “Can the Cellphone Help End Global Poverty?” – thank you Uzair for sharing that.  Here is also a related Ted talk given by Iqbal Quadir, co-founder of GrameenPhone.


More on mobiles: “Silent mode” – Remember when Lenovo bought the laptop division of IBM? I would not be surprised if at some point another Chinese company, ZTE, will buy Ericsson, Nortel, or Lucent.  The most fascinating aspect for me is that most of their revenue is coming from selling “equipment that is cheap, reliable and unobtrusive” in the developing countries… reminds me of my earlier post.

Global Broadband Sub Growth Remains Strong” – Some number about global penetration of broadband.

Define blogging without mentioning technology” – a nice, short, and provocative post on “Online Journalism Blog”; of course what really interesting are the comments left by users trying to answer this challenge.  I would probably answer this quest borrowing (and slightly altering) from Technorati’s latest “State of the Blogosphere” report: interconnected communities of writers and readers at the convergence of journalism and conversation.  What do you think?

Blogging journalists” – report of a rather interesting survey of journalists who also blog; I haven’t read it all, but it looks promising.

State of the Blogosphere 2008” –  an interesting report from Technorati, which may raise more questions than answer that it can provide.

FCC moves toward wireless Internet plan despite carrier’s pleas” – that is interesting…

2008 Corruption Perception Index” – this is also very interesting, particularly provided the “perception component”.

An Optimized View” – not exactly a blog, but a Washington Post review of the “Born Digital” book by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser.

Mobile Mozilla Public Alpha Due Soon” – I was indeed wondering where the mobile version of FF is.

Giant database plan ‘Orwellian’” – Thanks to Sol for sharing this BBC article on the controvercy of storing user communication data for government agencies.  I posted other links on the topic in the previous digest and here is another reference to it.

Blog Action Day” – An interesting initiative I’ve learned about too late for this year action.

The online battles for president” – I’ve seen a lot of buzz about McCain’s semi-legal battle with YouTube regarding removing his videos, but this is the first time I read about Obama placing political ads in video games.

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