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By | October 28, 2008

Here is another digest…

I added new category dedicated to this activity and I figured that having subject titles would help readability ( wonder if those will evolve into something sustainable).  What do you think? I have two specific questions: (1) Isn’t it too long?  Would you prefer shorter, but more frequent posts? (2) As of a few days ago Israel also entered into election cycle, which I assume I will follow – would you be interested in getting snippets of Israeli media (my short translations from Hebrew) on the subject?

Comments and questions are welcome!

Interesting event

Russia online” – A wiki of a conference organized by Columbia University and Harvard’s Berkman Center on social media in Russia. It is already over, but the website still has some very interesting titles and abstracts, (unfortunately few full papers).


Lets Use the Global Information Infrastructure to Create a Portal Providing Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation” – from John Daly.

More from John – “Musing: The Global Recession Will Be Very Hard on Science for Development

Open Networks” – Some thoughts on what the infrastructure should/could look like from BuddeBlog.  What do you think?

Digital Divide

HU: Parliament votes for closing digital divide” – More of puzzle to me at this stage as the article does not list any concrete steps they are going to take, most of the listed action items are more of a declarative character… any ideas about what I am missing here?

‘Broadband for all’ scheme unveiled as usage limits criticised” – Another interesting take on the digital divide as it is faced in UK.

Still in the same region, here are some efforts in the EU community to use technology for the benefit of visually impaired people – “Enabling the blind to find their way

Economic crisis and MICT

Continuing a “thread” I’ve started with bits of information about the current financial crisis and its potential relationships to MICT, here are a number of interesting items.  “The financial crisis and the mobile device industry” – making similar point to my earlier post.  “Financial Crisis the effects on European Communications” – a short analysis making a similar point as before, but this time for Europe, plus some financial repercussions for the telecos.  A slightly different take on things from the same source – “Global financial crisis It’s not such bad news for unsophisticated economies” – which keeps me thinking about the role of the “global” village in the “global” aspect of the current crisis, or in other words if we can extand the unsophisticated also to telecommunication markets/infrastructure.

Here is another interesting analytical piece on the subject – “Is The Economic Crisis Affecting European Startups At All?

Interesting reports, numbers, and visualization

New PEW report “Networked families” – some interesting trends and motivations in technology ownership by US families.  Speaking of which, here is an item about an interesting attempt to capture the traditional TV viewing experience in the online world – “CBS creates ’social viewing rooms’ for online programming“.  Here is also a summary of the PEW report on the ITU website.

More mobile penetration trends – “Turkey – Annual Growth at Lowest Ever Level“.  “Nigeria has achieved 80% phone penetration” but at the same time “Nigerian ICT companies fail to conquer rural connectivity market“.  Also on Africa – “Portugal Telecom Reports 12.1 mil. African Subscribers by End-Q2“.

Telecoms growth in Asia set to continue” – snippets from another BuddieComm report.

Booming telecoms in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine” – some trends and a few numbers from that region.  And here is another region we don’t hear about a lot – “Australian Broadband Market Statistics” – not as much numbers in the post (they have to sell their reports after all), but some interesting information.

Also booming is the online advertising in the US – “US: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Shows First Half of ”08 Up 15.2% From Same Period ”07

World Map of Top Social Networks” – I think the title talks for itself.

Look at the Size of U.S. Nukes, and Other Things Too” – Another map-based visualization of some international statistics.

Thanks to John Daly’s post, here is an interesting interactive map of the debate over the current financial crisis.  I need to spend more time looking at this tool as it seems really interesting.  And speaking about interesting textual analysis, here is another one from “Flowing Data” blog – a lexical analysis of the presidential debates in the US.  And here is a good graphical comparison of the S&P index behavior in the current and some previous crises (NY Times).  Finally, and I actually think I’ve metnioned it before, NY Times has launched a website with some really intersting visualizations.

Another post from John Daly’s blog summarizes – “Growing Unequal? Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries” – it looks to me that the original report should be very interesting.

MICT regulation

Broadcasters lash out in fear over FCC support of white space” – The debate surrounding the white space issue in the US seems to become really interesting.  If you have not heard about “white space”, here are a couple of popular explanations:



Here is a response of National Association of Broadcasters to that initiative.  And more buzz in the blogosphere – “FCC under fire for Google-backed spectrum release plan

MICT controversies

I wrote in the past about the ongoing attempts to filter internet in Israel.  Here are some recent news from another part of the world – “Australia trials Internet filtering – what happened to personal choice?

Technology and US election

Ad Wars” – This is not exactly a blog, but a NY Times page dedicated to the US presidential campaign ad-wars.  Pretty interesting – thank you Laura for sharing this!  More  election related stuff – “Rivals’ Visions Differ on Unleashing Innovation“.

Also, in the last “Reading blogs” I posted a link to an item about Barak Obama advertising in computer games.  Here is another item on the same subject, which I find fascinating – “Barack Obama presidential campaign comes to Xbox 360

Also related to the elction, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has recently hit the headlines with his endorcement of Barak Obama and speculation about whether or not he will (or wants to) be the first US CTO – “Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt throws support behind Barack Obama“, “Schmidt for Obama“, and “Google CEO Wants to Be ‘President’ Obama’s Tech Chief?“.  I find this story pretty interesting.  Also intersting is the fact that “access to the internet” is again mentioned as one of the pivots (if not the pivot) of the entire debate.  And here is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion regardng who would make a better CTO for the US.

The Election That Has the Whole World Blogging” – a WP article about grassroots coverage and analysis of the US election.

Talking about buzz, there has been a lot of it regarding a customized video in support of Barak Obama produced by  Here is a post from Statistical Modeling blog showing what are the actual chances of your individual vote to be decisive for the election, provided the state you are voting in.


One Laptop features on stamps” – Nice… but apparently this is an old news.

Simply cool stuff!

This is slightly futuristic, but cool! – “Robotic ants building homes on Mars?

NY Times has a photostream of people and their avatars – check it out!

How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb” – some really amazing images.

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